CDP Training in Amsterdam

In cooperation with Brooke Netherlands (BNL), eight BHA vets attended the CDP veterinary training course held in Amsterdam during the period from April 18 to 23, 2017 to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Dr. Emad Naoum, BHA Deputy and Head of Medical & Animal Welfare, along with a representative from the seven BHA clinics participated in the training.  The topics of the training included equine colic diagnosis and treatments, equine emergency care management, equine Analgesia and anesthesia and equine dental care, in addition to a practical session about ultrasonography.

The training falls within the ‘Continue Professional Development (CDP)’ program implemented by Brooke Netherlands in coordination with Brooke Egypt to maintain and develop the knowledge and skills relevant to BHA vets’ professional practice and competence.

Moreover, our vets had the chance to attend several sessions of the 50 European veterinary conference “Voorjaarsdagen” in The Hague.

Brooke Egypt is grateful for the time and effort devoted by BNL to the training and its excellent organization. BNL team deserve special appreciation and thanks for their wonderful hospitality and care.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017