Veterinary campaigns in Luxor and Mansoura

As part of developing and expanding field activities, our field teams have carried out six veterinary campaigns, four in Mansoura (two campaigns on April 6 &12; and the other two on May 22 &25) and two in Luxor (June 13 & 20), in collaboration with the governmental organization for veterinary services (GOVS), and veterinary colleges.

Through these campaigns, our field teams provided free veterinary services for 737 animals in need, with a total of 963 treatments from different diseases.  In addition, our field teams raised the awareness of 384 owners/users of animals about animals welfare, hoof care, nose bridge lesions, importance of watering, resting animals in a shaded area, harness maintenance, etc.

These campaigns have been proven successful in many aspects, such as reaching animals in-need of our services, raising awareness of owners and users towards animal welfare and good practices, exchanging experiences and capacity building of local vets in targeted areas, building good communication with governmental bodies, and exploring new areas for potential expansions in future.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017