Luxor (1966):

Originally built in the middle of Luxor city near the Temple of Luxor. In November 2005 the clinic was forced to move by the city council which needed the site for archaeological excavations. The new base in Naga el Khataba is much closer to the places where the working animals live. A further move nearby in 2008 features, a treatment and examination area, and facilities to house 9 animals needing inpatient care. There is also a shower and a shade shelter to help to cool down those animals suffering from heat stress, and a rolling area in which they can enjoy a much-needed break. The clinic is supplied with 5 mobile clinic teams used for visits the villages and small towns around Luxor to provide first aid help for animals and improve the awareness of their owners and users about the best equine welfare practices.

The Brooke's work in Luxor is a real success story; we have been able to improve the condition and welfare of carriage horses to such a degree that we can now spend time visiting new outlying areas, where the owners and horses desperately need our help.