Mansoura's rural guides help improve animal welfare

During his follow-up visit to Mansoura clinic, Dakahlia governorate, Dr. Emad Naoum, the deputy general manager and head of medical & animal welfare affairs, gave a visit to Segin, 25 km from Donusher, where he attended the periodical meeting of the rural guides in Segin.

Dr. Naoum reviewed the activities offered to the local communities of Segin by our eight rural guides to ensure that working animals do not endure avoidable pain of suffering, and listened to the problems they face in disseminating the animal welfare messages. He also discussed with them the possibility of monitoring the change occurred in the behavior of animal owners by taking photos for the animals before and after delivering the welfare messages, using the model designed by Brooke.

BHA seeks to encourage the rural guides of Segin to start executing the successful community-linked activities implemented by their Aswan counterparts including best animal competitions, donkey day, puppet shows and children art competitions to disseminate animal welfare messages to the wider public.

The rural guides are assisting BHA-Egypt in collecting data about the equine owning communities, disseminating the animal welfare messages designed and developed by BHA' teams, coordinating the field team's meetings with local people, designing or suggesting the suitable educational tools used with owners/users, participating in the annual planning process and developing monthly reports.

Monday, November 6, 2017